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Hormogaster regina   (Rota, Marchan and Omodeo, 2016)
Family: Hormogastridae     Genus: Hormogaster
Synonyms: Hormogaster regina Rota, Marchan and Omodeo, 2016: 60 (in Rota et al., 2016).
Hormogaster pretiosa Cobolli Sbordoni et al., 1992: 1215 (part).
Hormogaster pretiosa Rota, 1994
Hormogaster hispanica sensu Omodeo and Rota, 2008: 70.
Hormogaster pretiosa cf. hispanica Novo et al., 2011, 2015 (part).
Short description
External characteristics: N/A
Internal characteristics: N/A
Geographical origin: N/A
Distribution status: N/A
Present in: Spain,
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Ecological category: N/A
Climatic zone: N/A
Habitat: N/A
Micro-habitat: N/A

General data Thematic references Distribution references