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Octolasion lacteum   (Orley, 1885)
Family: Lumbricidae     Genus: Octolasion
Synonyms: Lumbricus terrestris var. lacteum Orley, 1881: 584.
Allolobophora profuga Rosa, 1884: 47.
Octolasium lacteum: Cernosvitov 1932: 534; Mihailova 1966: 193; Sapkarev 1978: 72; Zicsi 1982: 431.
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Infraspecific taxons: Octolasion lacteum lacteum (Orley, 1885)
Octolasion lacteum giganteum (Mrsic, 1983)
Octolasion lacteum gracile (Orley, 1885)
Short description
External characteristics: N/A
Internal characteristics: N/A
Geographical origin: Europe.
Distribution status: Peregrine
Present in: Algeria, Argentina, Austria, Azores, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Kirghizstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Madeira, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine, United States, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela,
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Ecological category: Endogeic
Climatic zone: Temperate
Habitat: Croplands, Forests, Meadows, Wetlands
Micro-habitat: Soil, Mud

General data Thematic references Distribution references