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Chilota africanus   (Beddard, 1897)
Family: Acanthodrilidae     Genus: Chilota
Synonyms: Acanthodrilus africanus Beddard, 1897: 344
Acanthodrilus africanus: Reynolds and Cook 1976: 66
Chilota africana: Michaelsen 1900: 147
Chilota africanus: Michaelsen 1913: 523, 1913: 56; Pickford 1937: 552; Reynolds and Cook 1976: 66.
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Infraspecific taxons: Chilota africanus africanus (Beddard, 1897)
Chilota africanus barnardi (Pickford, 1937)
Short description
External characteristics: N/A
Internal characteristics: N/A
Geographical origin: South Africa.
Distribution status: Endemic
Present in: South Africa,
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Ecological category: N/A
Climatic zone: Mediterranean
Habitat: Forests
Micro-habitat: N/A

General data Thematic references Distribution references