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DB-Warning.png Since the content of the database cannot be modified by the general public, help pages are visible only by contributors.

Content of the database

General features

Drilobase is a collaborative work. As such, any person who received the agreement from the administrators and obtained a password to access the database becomes a contributor and thus can modify, add or delete any content of the pages, except deleting the pages itself. The whole content of this database, entirely written in english, has to stem from data already published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. No original unpublished data will be accepted.

List of taxa

Only administrators of the database can modify the list of taxa, add or delete family, genus or species pages. For any modification of the list, please contact one of the administrators. Authors who published data in peer-reviewed scientific journals resulting in a change of the taxonomic list of the earthworms of the world, such as the description of new species, are strongly encouraged to inform the administrators in order to update the list of the database.

Monitoring and maintenance of the database content

The content of the database is supervised by the members of the editorial board (see the list of contributors). However, all contributors are invited to assist in maintenance of the database. An orthographic error, for example, can be corrected by any contributor, and the size of the database requires the help of everybody. In particular, native english speakers are welcome to help monitoring the english level of the edited texts.

The database as source for publication

Any content of the database can be used for publication by any contributor. It is however recommended that people planning a scientific publication informs the other contributors in advance. Contributors who have significantly contributed to the content used for a given publication should be associated as co-authors, the others being cited in acknowledgments.

(This point remains to be discussed between the members of the editorial board...)