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General data 14 species
Lumbricus   (Linnaeus, 1758)
Family: Lumbricidae
Original description: Linnaeus, 1758
Synonymies: Omilurus (Templeton, 1836)
Lumbrikus (Schneidemuehl, 1896)
Short description
The genus Lumbricus originating from the palearctic zone, expecially Europe, is largely distributed from Western Europe to Eastern Siberia. Several species of Lumbricus, such as L. terrestris and L. rubellus, has been introduced in Central Asia, Northern America, the temperate part of South America, Australia and New Zealand. Its presence in China (Blakemore, 2007d) and Japan (Blakemore, 2003, 2003b) could have been noticed, but such observations still have to be confirmed.
General data 14 species
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