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Metaphire houlleti   (Perrier, 1872)
Family: Megascolecidae     Genus: Metaphire
Synonyms: Perichaeta houlleti Perrier, 1872: 99.
Perichaeta campanulata Rosa, 1890: 115.
Perichaeta guillelmi Michaelsen, 1895: 32.
Pheretima wimberleyana Stephenson, 1925: 62.
Metaphire houlleti Sims and Easton 1972: 238; Reynolds 1978: 127; Reynolds and Wetzel 2008: 180.
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Short description
External characteristics: N/A
Internal characteristics: N/A
Geographical origin: From South-East Asia (?). Maybe introduced in South-Eastern France.
Distribution status: Peregrine
Present in: Bahamas, Bangladesh, Belize, Burma (Myanmar), China, Comoro Islands, Cuba, Fidji, France, French Guiana, India, Indonesia, Lesser Antilles, Madagascar, Mexico, New Guinea, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Salvador, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United States, Vietnam,
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Ecological category: Anecic
Climatic zone: Tropical, Sub-tropical
Habitat: N/A
Micro-habitat: N/A


General data Thematic references Distribution references