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Metaphire posthuma   (Vaillant, 1869)
Family: Megascolecidae     Genus: Metaphire
Synonyms: Perichaeta posthuma Vaillant, 1868: 228.
Pheretima posthuma Gates 1958: 31; Thai 1987: 7; Nguyen 2014: 110.
Metaphire posthuma: Thai et al. 2007: 312; Nguyen and Tran 2008: 61; Nguyen et al. 2010: 114; Nguyen and Huynh 2011: 1018; Nguyen et al. 2012: 146.
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Short description
External characteristics: N/A
Internal characteristics: N/A
Geographical origin: From South-East Asia (?). Maybe introduced in South-Eastern France.
Distribution status: Peregrine
General comment: Mentioned by Beddard (1900) in Burma (Myanmar): possible misidentification (Gates, 1972 and Blakemore, 2006e).
Present in: Argentina, Bangladesh, Burma (Myanmar), France, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan, Seychelles Islands, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam,
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Ecological category: Endogeic
Climatic zone: Tropical, Sub-tropical
Habitat: Mountains
Micro-habitat: Soil

General data Thematic references Distribution references