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Partner databases

GBIF Database on Soil Zoology

The soil-zoological information system EDAPHOBASE is a taxonomic-ecological database system, which combines existing taxonomical primary data on soil organisms from collections, scientific literature and reports originating from many research institutes and persons involved in soil zoology. Data are available for scientists and the general public, constituting a unique undertaking within Germany. The Information system is part of the GBIF data structure.

Soil Macrofauna of the World

MACROFAUNA database is the result of 20 years of collaborative work gathering a large number of scientific research teams around the world. Its main objectives are:

  • to evaluate the soil macrofauna biodiversity at different geographic scales, from local to regional.
  • to investigate the influence of land use, biotope perturbations and environmental factors on the soil macrofauna.
  • to assess the influence of soil macrofauna community modifications on soil properties.
  • to research bioindicators associated with specific environmental parameters or soil perturbations.

Earthworm Barcode of Life
International Barcode of Life Project (iBOL)

iBOL, the International Barcode of Life project is an International Consortium Initiative which will oversee the assembly of DNA barcodes for 5M sequences and 500K species by 2014. The terrestrial bio-surveillance working group (WG 1.9) will gather barcode records for Lepidoptera, Formicidae and Earthworms. Thus, the Earthworm Barcode of Life project is the campaign that aims to obtain DNA barcodes for the earthworms of the world.